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Best of 2021 Weddings

Favorite Dress

This was a difficult decision because I saw so many beautiful wedding dresses last year!

I decided to go with this dress worn by Katie. I love the lace look on wedding dresses.

Katie and Clay's wedding was located at the Virgin Hotels in Dallas, TX. Such a fun ceremony and reception complete with llamas dressed as a bride and groom from Llamazing Party Animals.

Katie's bouquet was made by Victorious Rose out of Dallas.

Favorite Bridesmaid Dresses

My favorite bridesmaid dresses were narrowed down to two and I just can't decide which I like better!

The first is the bridesmaid dresses from Kat and Adam's wedding at St. Crispin's in Wewoka, OK. I loved these because of the variety of colors and styles. You don't see that often at a wedding. They were the perfect fall colors for Kat and Adam's camp themed wedding.

My second choice was the mustard colored bridesmaid dresses at Sarah and Dylan's wedding at the Ponds at Mable Farms in Ardmore, OK. Loved this color!!! They looked so good with the sunflowers in the bouquets. I also love how each dress style was a little different.

Favorite Cake

If you know me, you know I love cake. My favorite cake was an easy pick! I chose the cake from Kat and Adam's camp themed wedding. Not only did the cakes look beautiful but they were also delicious! Cakes were made by Ludger's Bavarian Cakery in Tulsa, OK. I definitely plan on visiting this bakery the next time I'm in Tulsa.

Favorite Ring Photo

Again, Kat and Adam win another category. Loved the shape of Kat's wedding ring and how it fit perfectly in the center of the groom's ring. This photo turned out perfect with the pine cone and pine needles in the background.

Favorite Bouquet

Jessi's bouquet from Jessi and Calvin's wedding at the Chickasaw Lake Club in Ardmore, OK was my favorite! Loved the bright colors! This bouquet was made by Dodson's Floral in Ardmore.

Favorite Centerpiece

My pick for best centerpiece goes to the ones used at Sarah and Dylan's wedding at the Ponds at Mable Farms in Ardmore, OK. I chose these as my favorite centerpieces because I loved the beautiful lanterns and candles paired with the sunflowers and greenery.

Favorite Engagement Session

This was a very difficult category to choose a favorite. I love shooting engagement sessions and I had lots of really good ones last year. After looking through my images, I finally decided on Joe and Shalah's engagement session. We shot this session at Woodward Park in Tulsa, OK. Joe and Shalah were so easy to photograph. They were comfortable in front of the camera and we had a lot fun!

Favorite Bridal Session

If you aren't familiar with bridal sessions, this is a photoshoot done on a separate day than the wedding. It's a chance for me to spend more time with the bride and make sure she gets plenty of photos in her wedding dress. I chose Shalah's session as my favorite bridal session. We shot these at White Moose Studios in Oklahoma City.

Favorite Send-Off

Another difficult one to pick! I shot lots of wedding send offs last year.....some with sparklers, some with bubbles, and even some with tiny confetti leaves. After looking back at them, I decided my favorite was from Tiffany and Ryan's wedding at Shane Creek Events in Prague, OK. They decided to use sparklers for their wedding. Word of advice for any brides and grooms wanting to use sparklers, be sure to get the long ones so they last a while. Luckily, Tiffany and Ryan did just that so I was able to get several good photos before the sparklers went out.

Favorite Reception Entrance

This isn't a category I was going to have because most reception entrances are all the same...the DJ will announce the bride and groom and they'll walk in hand-in-hand smiling as everyone claps and cheers for them. However, I felt like Frank and Sonia needed to be mentioned with the grand entrance they made. After shooting Frank and Sonia's ceremony at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas, TX, we headed to their reception at a private residence in Van Alstyne. For their entrance, Frank and Sonia danced up the driveway followed by a marching band and their closest friends and relatives.

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