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Bridal Sessions

Let's talk bridal sessions. These photoshoots are one of the services I offer and a common question I get is "What exactly is a bridal session?"

Bridal sessions take place on a separate day than the wedding. The bride will get some portraits alone on the wedding day but this gives them an opportunity to spend more time with the photographer (me!) and get even more photos in her wedding dress. The groom can be added to a bridal session also.

One of the great things about scheduling a bridal session is that you can pick a different location for the photoshoot other than the wedding venue. I've done bridals in different outdoor locations and in photography studios.

Bridal sessions can be taken on a day before the wedding or even afterwards. Some like to schedule the session the same day they are doing trials for hair and makeup to prepare for the big day. If done early enough, you could even use prints from your bridal session as decoration for the wedding or bridal shower.

I offer bridal sessions to anyone, even if I'm not shooting on their wedding day. But if you do book one of my wedding packages, a bridal session can be added at a discounted price. If you are interested in a bridal photoshoot and have more questions, please reach out to me:

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