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Fairytale Wedding in the Woods

Updated: May 24, 2022

April 14, 2022

Maria and Dakota's wedding was a whimsical woodsy fairytale wedding in the forest. They chose the perfect venue for their big day! Merrick Hollow is located in the middle of the woods north of Wellston, Oklahoma. To get to the venue, you have to walk along a 360 foot winding bridge through the trees.

The decorations and centerpieces included butterflies, mushrooms, and moss. When I photographed Maria and Dakota each standing on a separate side of an outdoor corner of the venue so they weren't able to see each other before the ceremony, we noticed a single mushroom growing right between their feet. It made the moment even more special as they read vows to each other before heading to the ceremony.

It was a perfect fairytale wedding that ended with a walk along the bridge and through bubbles being blown by all the guests.

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