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Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Jan. 18, 2022

Last weekend I traveled to Tulsa for Annie & Jackson's engagement session. When Annie had booked the session, she mentioned how it would be nice if it snowed that day so we could get some pretty snow photos. I thought to myself "We rarely get snow here in Oklahoma so I doubt that will happen." Haha! To my surprise, when the day of the session arrived, it was snowing!

The high was 26 degrees last Saturday so I asked Annie if she wanted to reschedule to a warmer day but this was the only day they would be in the area. They drove in for the weekend from the Texas panhandle. I layered up and got ready for a cold photo session. Even though it was freezing, the photos were totally worth it! The snow was beautiful! Annie and Jackson killed it! They didn't even look cold in their pictures. As much as I hate cold weather, I love snow photos. Definitely going to try to do more sessions on snowy days.

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